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White Cheddar Block

Origin : Argentina

Old aged renown cheese that Malaysians love. Serve as sliced cheese with bread or shred it before topping on buns and toast. Or sprinkle on top of cooked rice before baking it

Named one of most popular cheese in the world and was made since the 12th Century in Somerset, England


Pasteurized cow milk, salt, friendly bacteria, rennet


25% protein, rich in Vit A, B12, calcium, iron, magnesium & potassium


Sharp, pungent, earthy, slightly salty & nutty


Creamy, buttery and little melty

Suggested Serving:

>> Perfect topping on breads and sandwiches

>> Serve as snacks on cheese platters with crackers, rich fruits e.g., apricots, peaches and cherries

>> Relatively universal with almost anything

Best Pair With:

White Riesling & Red Wine like pinot noirs

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