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Mozzarella Cheese Block

Origin : Argentina

We love mozzarella cheese as it stretches well when served hot on pizzas, pastas or even in hot pots like shabu-shabu. Spread on top of cooked rice before baking.  The fusion is endless

Originates from Italy and it is the most widely used cheese as it can be served throughout all meals from breakfast to supper. This semi soft cheese allows easy grating/shredding and melts when heated to 54 oC and above, giving it a fibrous and stretchy texture, loved by millions throughout the world


Pasteurized cow milk, salt, friendly bacteria, rennet


23% protein, rich in Vitamin B2, B7,  calcium, potassium, zinc, low in fat and sodium


Milky, grassy, and floral notes with just a hint of tanginess


Moist, semi soft, elastic, stretches well

Suggested Serving:

A highly versatile cheese that goes with hot cooking, baking, fillings, topping, cold dishes like salads or eat it on its own. One of the most universal and widely used cheese

Best Pair With:

Sparkling wine, Pinot Noir, champagne

Mozza Cheese Block.png
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