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48% Matured Gouda
Cheese Wheel
(Ripened +/-  16 To 18 Weeks)


Origin : Southern Region Of The Netherlands

Matured Gouda Cheese Wheel.png

We in Malaysia often use Gouda Cheese similar to Cheddar Cheese i.e., for sandwiches or topping on buns before toasting in the oven.  However, Gouda offers a slighty spicy with a sharper taste profile in comparison

Gouda Cheese (pronounced as gHow-da by the Dutch) originates from Gouda town in Holland. As Gouda cheese ages, there would be crystal like formation in the cheese.  These are bits of tyrosine; an amino acid and it is the sign of a well-aged cheese. The rind is however not edible


Pasteurized cow milk, salt, friendly bacteria, rennet, carotenes


25% protein, rich in Vitamin A, B12, calcium, magnesium, zinc and phosphorous


Buttery, rich, nutty, caramelly taste, often reminiscent of butterscotch


Dense and springy

Suggested Serving:

>> Breads, grilled burgers and sandwiches

>> Serve on cheese boards with fresh fruits like apples, pears, dried apricots, peaches or dates and crackers

>> Great with chocolates or even brownies

Best Pair With:

Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Pinot Nour, Riesling

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