Tasty Everyday, Trusty Betagen


 “Betagen fermented milk” is produced from the selection of high quality raw material from world’s leading material source and made by fermentation with high quality probiotics and live Lactobasillus Casei in milk until getting sour taste with tremendous benefits. The consumers will gain benefits not only from high quality fermented milk but also from good microorganisms.

       Probiotics in Betagen can live under acidity in human stomach so they can provide better digestive system and excretory system. Moreover, they also protect and kill bacteria in intestine. Therefore Betagen can adjust balance efficiently to your intestine. 
 In addition, microorganisms in Betagen can reduce constipation, boost immune system, increase calcium absorption, prevent and reduce diarrhea. Therefore the consumers with diarrhea can take fermented milk and yoghurt to reduce this symptom.